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Social Media Marketing

Customers won’t come to you, unless you reach out to them on platforms they already use, and love. Almost everybody you know uses some sort of social networking site, based on their varied interests, age or lifestyles. Any smart business will jump at the idea of reaching out to their target audience, directly in the ..Read More

Website Development

A website is a gateway to your brand’s vision & values. A great website breaks through the clutter to┬ácommunicate clearly & effectively with it’s current & potential customers. We are committed to making web pages that wear your stamp and showcase what your enterprise is all about, through clutter-free, crisp & creative designs. Our websites ..Read More

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Just like Search Engine Optimization, PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising on google & other search engines also means the user is searching for you or a product/service you offer. The advantage of PPC is that you can target users even when they are looking for a competitor’s brand by strategically placing your advertisements on those keywords. Not ..Read More

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There were approximately 100 billion searches per month on Google in 2015, which comes to about 1.2 trillion a year. Yes, take a moment to digest that number. And thats just Google, add to that billions of searches on Bing (on which 20% – 33% of all searches happen) and a host of other popular ..Read More

E-Commerce Solutions

The internet boom, combined with smartphones and an ever-shrinking communication world means the explosion of e-Commerce. An e-Commerce portal enables you to sell your product/service to anyone in the world, at any time. There is no more the barrier of store timings or getting into the hassle of dressing up and driving an hour to ..Read More

Online Reputation Management

People are going to talk about you, your brand, your products – the things they like, and specially things they don’t like. We better be there to respond to the brickbats & suggestions. It not only helps improve our brand by getting first hand feedback, but also helps in clarifying mis-understandings. We don’t want people ..Read More

Email, SMS & WhatsApp Marketing

As a rule of thumb, anything which gets your brand right in the palm of your user’s hand, don’t miss that opportunity. In the smartphone age, everyone has access to emails & SMS at the tip of their fingers. Huge amount of data, neatly sorted by age, income class, gender, profession, location is waiting to ..Read More

Data Analytics

The use of Data Analytics as a tool to drive strategy and campaign budgets cannot be overstated. With the huge amounts of data generated on the web, with respect to not only the user behavior patterns in general but also very specific actions happening around your own product or service. With help of tools like ..Read More

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