Online Reputation Management

People are going to talk about you, your brand, your products – the things they like, and specially things they don’t like. We better be there to respond to the brickbats & suggestions. It not only helps improve our brand by getting first hand feedback, but also helps in clarifying mis-understandings. We don’t want people to read only one side of the story, do we?

Picture this: You targeted a user through Pay-per-click Advertising, he lands on your Amazon products page, loves the design, instantly decides to pay for it online, scrolls to the reviews section just to seek affirmation from other users about your awesome product – and boom! Pathetic! 1 Star! Negative! Negative! Negative! There goes your sale. Your competitor just got one from under your nose. Negative threads on the web can kill your brand, no matter your personal beliefs or product quality, as more and more business decisions are made online. We are in the age of instant gratification, and instant outrage. What would you like your users to experience? Online Reputation Management takes care of your total online reputation from social medias, forums, blogs to complaint channels. Everyone likes to google the businesses they are going to be associated with, to get a peek into their ethics & vision. We want to help you build that great first impression, consistently and continuously. Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are some of the tools used to enhance your digital karma. Online reputation management not only helps you manage the false(or true) negative publicity, but also enables you to spread positive news across the web. This is where regular branding activities play a huge role in boosting your digital karma. There can be a whole other section dedicated to why branding is almost as important as lead generation for your brand, but you already get that, right!