Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Just like Search Engine Optimization, PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising on google & other search engines also means the user is searching for you or a product/service you offer. The advantage of PPC is that you can target users even when they are looking for a competitor’s brand by strategically placing your advertisements on those keywords. Not only do your advertisements show up on search engines, they are also displayed on network partners sites with huge traffic. Another great Advertising tool is the use of Re-marketing, which basically means targeting a user who searched for you but didn’t complete your desired action (which could be anything from filling a form or doing an online transaction). Through re-marketing, this user will see your advertisements on all partner sites like (Social Media) Facebook, Youtube, (News & Lifestyle) Timesofindia, NDTV and other relevant partners, after leaving your website or searching for your product based on his browsing behavior on your website.

There are basically two forms of advertisements online: Display & Text. One is a graphic representation of your message, and the other is informational. Both the forms differ in their pricing as well as use-case. There is also an option to push your message directly through various news & lifestyle portals, in the form of sponsored articles/posts. Online advertising can serve the dual purpose of branding as well as Lead Generation, depending on our focus areas of that campaign.

Other forms of online advertising include targeting a huge audience on social networks like Facebook, YouTube and others. With all good PPC avenues come the ability to target users based on an extensive set of parameters like age, gender, location & interests. Once the user clicks on your advertisement anywhere on the web, we direct them to an optimized page on your website which pushes them towards our CTA (Call-To-Actions).

Action Plan

  • Create Google Adwords & other accounts

  • Keyword Analysis & Creation of Campaigns

  • Parameters Target Analysis

  • Create Advertisements across networks

  • Create a bid strategy

  • Create Landing pages on website with CTAs & optimize them for performance